Saturday, February 18, 2012

USA Army Rape Iraq women| USA Force rape Iraq|


Iraqi women suffering at the U.S. prisons in Iraq. They were arrested by the U.S. army without clear charges, then tortured and raped in prison.while in prison, iraq women was raped and carried out like an animal. iraq women raped almost every night and the activity is done in groups
Press TV on Sunday in a report out of Iraq tells the story of a woman who was captured and imprisoned the U.S. military. They say, U.S. army forced them to open their clothes in front of soldier and then they being raped.

"I Suffering in U.S. prisons is very painful, I can not describe with words," said a woman who is now free Iraq.

Iraqi women were arrested after U.S. troops stormed his house in Diyala. "They took me away to get a notice about my husband. They put me in jail for one and a half years without any charges," 

According to Press TV reports on Iraq, U.S. troops captured Iraq because women they marry a man who considered Iraq the U.S. army as "Iraq fighters they are looking for."

Women activists in Iraq have repeatedly urged the PBB  to drag the U.S. army is involved in rights abuses, but until recently the PBB was silent

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